Friday September 14 & 15 Auction



10:00 A.M.

Auction will be held at the farm located from Highway 24 and Clifton road go South to 14th road then 3 miles East on 14th road then ½ North on Indian road or from Clay Center go South go 4 miles South on Hwy 15 to 14th road then 5 miles West to Indian road then ½ north.



26” & 48” cones; swage block 15” x 15” x 4”;    table for wheel making;  12” table saw (from the last wagon shop in Abilene, Ks); #1 Bend Haussfeld blacksmith foot vice; tire roller; 3 tire shrinker; rubber tire machine; Peter Wright & Lakeside 150 lb anvil’s 4’ wood working table; hoof trimming table; Candady auto no 20 post drill; 14” band saw; 12” planer; Craftsman 10” table saw; Powermatic jointer sander; 4’ wood lathe; 12” Dewalt radial arm saw; 12” Craftsman table saw w/router; Buss 3 ph. 24” planer w/knife grinder; 3 ph. 4’ lathe; 3 ph mortise; Powermatic band saw; Delta cast iron table saw;  assortment wheel rite tools; spoke pullers; gauge for tongue hounds;  cane press; blacksmith gauge; hand shear;  post vices; several hundred wood spokes; pumps; pump parts; tin seats; stay chains; wagon parts; spoke shaves; wheel travelers; taps & dies; bits; files; gauges; fellows saw; buzz saw blades grinder; wheel soakers; line shafts; forge tools; hardies; bolt headers; tinners tools; 6” post vice; drawing knives; scrapers; spoke tenon cutter; wheel calipers; barrel bores; spoke malef; hames; branding irons; tool hooks; harness rings; seat springs; pole ends; single & double trees; pitman sticks; wood pitch fork; 30 gal cast iron kettle; pedal grinder base; forge parts; grinder mandrels; pedal grinders; pipe jacks;   check row planter stakes; rake teeth; large assortment implement wrenches;  square head bolts & nuts; large assortment of other blacksmith tools and collectables.



JD 4 wheel auto steer flatbed hay rack; Litchfield Waterlou Ice hay wagon; Oskaloosa IA ice wagon; wide tire wagon; Columbian wagon; Turnbull wagon 42” bolster; Peru running gear wagon;    Davenport wagon gear tall steel wheels; IHC high wheel running gear w/restored wheels; Allen MF6 flare box new; wagon seats; scoop boards; 2 seat buggy;  single seat sleigh; Bob sled; 5 ½’ tires from lumber cart;  7 road graders inc: (Russell 4 horse 2 man, Adams no 4,  early tractor drawn grader);  JD binder w/front truck; IH 1 row low tie corn binder w/bundle carrier; 7 dump rakes; JD steel wheel manure spreader field ready; horse mowers inc.: (IH no 9 high gear regular, JD no 4, Massey Harris & Case); Ann arbor stationary baler; potato digger; JD VanBrunt wood box drill; stock drill; JD grain drill truck;  Oliver single disc;   Blue Valley Mfg Manhattan horse driven ear corn grinder; plows inc:(Oliver flip over 2 way horse plow; JD 268 sulky plow; Longwing mow board,  Defiance, IHC, Emerson, Deere, Case horse drawn plows sod plows,); IHC disc w/center scratcher & truck wheels complete; horse stump puller; Whitman seeder; double cider press; child’s buggy; Deering, P & O planters; McCormick Deering reaper gear box;  IHC horse drawn 6’ rotary hoe; 2 harrow carts; 2 row JD & IHC cultivators; Moline lister; dirt slip; many horse drawn pieces of machinery listers, cultivators, planters; front trucks; horse powers; wooden elevator leg; walking cultivators;  Tractors: McCormick Deering 15-30; John Deere B; IHC regular w/steel wheels; Massey Harris Special 44 w/factor wide front & loader; Massey Harris 44; steel wheels w/lugs for F20 or AC tractors; assortment steel implement wheels; large amount of horse drawn machinery.


Note:  Don started collecting horse drawn machinery, wagons and tools related to horse drawn equipment after he sold his dairy cattle.  Most of the machinery has been keep under a barn roof. Both days will be large.  Check our web site for pictures at



Auction Conducted By

Thummel Real Estate & Auction LLC


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