Monday May 29 Antique Auction




10:00 A.M.

Auction will be held in Kenwood Hall at the Saline Co. Expo 900 Greeley Salina, Kansas



Architectural: 50’ iron cemetery fence & gate; floor grates & heat register; roof top decorative tin; 20+ corbels; 30+ windows, frames; porch posts; 20+ cabinet doors; stained, leaded, etched windows; gable & porch trim; church Gothic arch stained glass window 77” x 27”; sinks pedestal & high back wall; water fountain; outdoor peddle pump; house doors, solid & raised panel, beveled round & oval glass; screens; barn door set large old never used w/rail equipment & hinges 5’ x 8’; hardware inc.: hinges; hooks; drawer bin pulls; hangers; handles; locks; casters; coasters; latches; brass & porcelain knobs; escutcheons; skeleton, barrel keys; 50+ store & lamp light shades; fixtures; iron, copper, brass & porcelain shelf brackets; wood star newels, banisters hand rails; brass hand rails; iron sign bracket; railroad crossing bar lights; street crossing lights; carriage lamps; iron bathtub feet; house door trim headers; large doorbell; fret work; porch posts; warehouse bifold doors 15 glass panels 79” x 42”; map case; 1930’s school maps; apothecary cabinet drawer pulls; square nails; hardware; chalk boards & slate; dresser mirrors & frames; song book racks; #2 school house bells; chandelier; cast iron horse head; wrought iron decorative; tower clock face 3’ glass back plate; barn door rollers; wains coating; full dimension; glass tiles; slag glass panels; Etsy organ top & wall shelf; Story & Clark organ w/fancy top; COUNTRY STORE: 72 drawer octagon screw cabinet; Humphrey apothecary cabinet; late 1800’s Jewell drug store wall cabinet 10’ x 8’; oak & maple table side drawer 10’ x 2 ˝’; 3 pine painted harvest tables; floor showcases (oak6’, candy, tobacco, Time, Parker Pens, slant front, 12 wire basket display); table showcases (National slant front, tower, curved front, rectangle flat top); drug store Raspberry dispenser; scales (counter top Stimpson Computing, hanging marble platform, Exact Weight 103, Hamsen hanging); stoves (Round Oak parlor w/Doe-Wah-Jack finial, Lakeside Tribute, blue porcelain wood cooking, Topsy, railroad caboose, Lady Windsor, Blue Oven); 5 cent toms peanut & sandwich vending machine; Stillwagons Peerless Medicated Feed  bin mustard paint; Yale Dixie coffee & spice bin 1910; double paper dispenser; tape dispensers; desk bell; Postal Telegraph wall clock; butter churns (wood bentwood, Daisy #40); brass spigots; scoops; wood kegs; captain’s chairs; round oak tables; Sessions Regulator wall clock; National Cash Register 324 Woolworth cash register; Exit sign; hat box; 1910 Bosch & Lamb microscope in case; butter fat milk tester; brass sprayers; hardware store catalogs (1930’s John Deere, Rich-Conn, Paxton and Gallagher); Pepsi display; 12 basket wire store display;  1900’s John Waldman wire measuring machine; Western Electric phone booth 1950’s; Burroughs adding machine; copper inc.:(candy kettle, thermometer, popcorn ball mold, popcorn apple butter kettle, wood stirring paddles); sleds (Yankee, Speedway, Hawthorne Deluxe, Hiawatha); Supreme tin cracker box lids; counter top catalog rack; assortment wooden boxes; wooden ladders, pulleys, block & tackle; brass grain testing equipment (probe, Boehner divider, test weight apparatus, set sieves); pewter pub measures tankards; sewing machine drawers, iron bases; Emerson & Peerless brass fans;  ADVERTISING: signs (Mayer Shoes, porcelain, Chesterfield Cigarettes, Copper Clad Stoves, Gooch’s Best Feeds, Budweiser); tins (Sweet Clover, Garrett & Sons snuff, Folgers coffee, Velvet tobacco, Gun Powder tea, Phillip Morse, White Hen cigar); boxes (Goetz, Asbestos sad iron, Colby cheese, Sanford ink, Frederichs beer w/bottles, Rush Park seed, H D Lee Merchantile, Rawleigh); King Bee candies tub; Poehler Merchantile vegetable can labels; Butterflake popcorn; Farmcrest mild; Standard separator oil; posters (Salina Community Chest, Victory Firework, Round Oak Doe Wah Jack door; Sanford inks crock; 50 burlap bags; JS Brown Merchantile 10# coffee; Shapleigh’s Diamond Jubilee razor; Lee Merchantile Sensation coffee; Pepsi wire rack; drug store (5 head 9B Prince Castle multi mixer, syrup containers & dippers, chocolate vanilla dispensers, desert display, egg poacher, sundae goblets); buggy whip rack; Tee-Pee Poewer Merchantile can labels; fruit jar collection (The Marian 1858, Ball Mason, Atlas, FP4-1893 ˝ pt wire bale, Mason-Swayzee’s, Pine Root, Drey Mason, Arcade, Queen); store jars (Ball freezer, Quilted window; barrel); ball zinc, porcelain lids; FARM PRIMITIVES: 174 # Trenton Farriers anvil & stand; 105# Wilkinson’s anvil; anvil hardys; wagon seats; Bucklin rope maker; well pumps (Fairbury Windmill, Baker Pump co KC Mo); cistern pump Star #50 sold by Push Mize & Sillman original paint & shipping crate; reversible pitcher pump; cast iron (kettle, large pan, Clover donut dipper & fryer, waffle cookers, trivets, implement seats); wire yard gates; well pipe & cups; wash board; stove dampers Griswold & other; barb wire collection; milking stool; branding irons; galvanized tubs; buckets; water cans; metal yard chairs; Keen Kutter pedal grinder; yard glider; oak table leaves & legs; horse pictures; wagon wheel hub; 1800’s cobalt salt glaze The Allen Germ Proof Filter water cooler; White Hall 5 gal water cooler; brown crocks; clock shelf; copper boiler; fancy floor lamp; lanterns; Coleman iron; hay hooks; hand scythes; fence neck yoke; blow torch #50 Hahnel; nail puller; hay knives; Majestic tea kettle; pig snouter tool; wagon wheel table; bird house; handmade carriage wagon & horses; whirly gigs; small wood wheels; fence stretchers; hame ash tray stand; horse shoe foot scraper; harness celluloid rings; horse harness parts; wagon wheel wrenches; hog scraper; cow kickers; calf weaner; hame balls; horn weights; collection hames brass, unusual & parts; saddle; Gearld Roberts child’s set vest & chaps; working chaps; horse collars new old stock (Black Mule, brown leather canvas back); horse collar tell topper; set work harness Jameson Mo.; bridles; harness hangers; iron wheels; animal carcass gambrels; sad iron display rack w/irons; meat hooks; log tongs; gold plated oil drilling bit; bench needle pt; glass front bookcase; photographs; tin types; drafting table; magic books; rail road manual’s, ruler, pay rates, other items; Peggy Jane toy boat; sterling bud vase; refrigerator dish; Pozzinois dresser box; dragon tea pot; records; 1840 gout stand; mannequin; Art Deco sunflower 1910 clock lamp; marbles; silver jewelry box; boxing ring bell; pin ball machine back glass; Jester lamp 1951 Reglor-Blackamoor; assortment fishing tackle; silver plate flatware, bowls, trays; 1940’s Life magazines; type case; beer opener collection; games; Conn saxophone; 1949 Ks chauffeur badge; watches (Westclock, Ever Swiss 17J, Elgin 7J); Fish Bros Wagon co watch fob; assortment glass inc.: candle sticks, cake plates, bowls, other; Oneida 8 place Tudor plate; Knickerbocker 8 place; condensed milk jar; fancy work; linens; scarfs; crystal etched stemware; military (uniforms Army, Air Force, paper, ribbons, patches, dog tags, booklets, buttons); Christmas, Easter & postcards; Salina Ks paper; water fountain planter set Henri; coin op rides (Helicopter, truck, Big Bird, Jetways, talks);  assortment of other collectables.


Note:  This is a large auction with many unusual items. We are still finding more items.  Check our web site for pictures at


Auction Conducted By

Thummel Real Estate & Auction LLC



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