Saturday March 3 Auction




Auction will be held in Kenwood Hall at the Saline Co Expo Center 900 Greeley Salina, Kansas

10:00 A.M.




100 crocks inc: (2 & 3 gal salt glaze target: 12 gal salt glaze butterfly: 4 gal salt glaze P: 5 & 6 gal salt glaze leaf: 5 gal Red Wing water cooler: Churns 4 Red Wing,    : Red Wing 2, 3, 4, 6, 5, 8 & 10 gal: Birch Leaf 2, 4, 5, 8 & 10 gal: 3 & 6 gal elephant ear; Stulz 1 gal jug: 2 gal Myers & Company Fulton whiskey: Western Pottery Denver jug; 2 & 5 gal Western crocks: jugs inc: 2 gal salt glaze, Western, other jugs: 2 & 3 gal Western churns;   6 gal Blue Ribbon crock: 3 gal Macomb crock; Buckeye 8 gal crock; Ko Rec chicken feeder; buttermilk feeder Blue Bank, Pittsburg, Ruckles; crock plant hangers: crock bowls);      jardiniere’s; Red Wing dinnerware plates;  Red Wing commemorative pieces; 400+ pieces Dryden (Panther, Buffalo, nude vase, advertising pieces, tumblers, vases, cups, jugs, many other); invalid feeders; batter bowls; stacking bowls; Dazey butter churn; wooden thread spools; glass animal banks; assortment pictures; 1000+ post cards; 1000+ 1920’s Valentines; many Salina paper advertising; war newspapers; magazines; many paper advertising ads; 20’s & 40’s National Geographic; 30’s Home Art magazines; 20’s The Youth Companion magazines; many other paper pieces; swizzle sticks;   Salina Bottling, H D Lee Mercantile bottles; Evening In Paris bottles; tire ash trays; salt spoons;  gold plated flat ware; wash boards; car water bag; wood kitchen pieces; yardsticks; rolling pins; ice tongs; scoop; large assortment of other collectables.      



Note:  This is a very nice large collection.  They have collected for many years.  Check our web site for pictures at


Auction Conducted By

Thummel Real Estate & Auction LLC



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