Saturday August 17 Auction




10:00 A.M.

Auction will be held in Kenwood Hall at the Saline Co Expo Center 900 Greeley Salina, Ks




Wooden barber pole; electric barber pole; large collection of barber items inc: occupational shaving mugs; barber bottles; tonic bottles; barber signs; razor blade display; many other barber items; many drug store items; brass National Cash Register 216; Standard model L phonograph w/horn; 4 floor display cabinet; Maggi Suppen cabinet; Rush Park Seed Co cabinet; 5 drawer spool cabinet; post office boxes; double wheel store coffee grinder; Rit Dye cabinet; Putman Dye cabinet; bird cage; wall telephone; 6 drawer wall spice cabinet; spinning wheel; wooden wall first aid box; DM Ferry Seed bucket; large collection of tins many tobacco, coffee, and many other very good tins; political items; JR Brinkley For Governor; Alf Landon Leadership picture; Smith-Robinson President picture; other items; Brinkley pictures;  Pabst Beer man;  Root Beer mug collection crock & glass: Hires, Buckeye, A & W, other; Signs: Post Office; Humphreys Remedies; Hair Tonic; Hamilton Brown Shoe; SantaFe; Arrowhead Hosiery; A & W Root Beer; Peters Buggy; Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers; Indian Head Overalls; Smoking & Spitting Prohibited; others; large collection of pictures advertising, ladies & other; RCA dogs;  Crocks inc: 5 gal Red Wing water cooler; Krogman Whiskey jug; Lofaro & Ross wine & liquors jug; 6 gal Red Wing crock; Hailwoods Cream; Numol; Magie; Virol; Western churn; crock bowls; many other crocks; English beer bottles crock & glass; wood kerosene oil bucket; calendars;   Books inc: 1933 Kansas Fair Topeka, Jerry Smith & others; sleigh bells; wooden boxes; wooden pulleys; wooden stomper; viewer & cards; large assortment of other collectables;      


Note:  Pat collected many unique items, there are hundreds of good collectables in this auction.  He has a large collection of tins, barber, store and other good items.  Check our web site for pictures at





Auction Conducted By

Thummel Real Estate & Auction LLC



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